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We are Jonathan, Roseanna and Alanna  – otherwise known as The Rua. We all live in Windsor and, for those of you who care about these things, we don’t mean the Windsor in Australia, nor indeed the two Windsors in Canada or the thirteen Windsors (count ‘em!) in the USA. We are sure these Windsors are fine and dandy but we’ve never seen them so please tell us if we’re missing out all the way out here in Windsor, England. On this website, you will find everything you need to know about our lives and perhaps even more about our extended family of musicians and friends and the people that are part of our passion to make and share the music that we make.

We are releasing our debut album “Essence” on the wonderful FOD Records later this year and, before that, we have a download/single available called “Fight For What’s Right.” Both are produced by the legendary Bob Rose and feature the extended family we mentioned: ex-Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison (co-writer of Union City Blues and One Way Or Another amongst other Blondie gems), Portishead drummer Clive Deamer (who’s also drummed with Robert Plant and Radiohead) and the incredibly talented Dani Robinson who is the official guitarist for The Jimi Hendrix Live Experience.

In case it makes a difference, we are two sisters and a brother with an Irish heritage and a penchant for fast cars and a history of appearing in films such as Stormbreaker, Closer, Thor, Snow White and The Huntsman and most of the Harry Potter movies. Stay with us and you might find out which three of these “facts”  are most definitely true!

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  • Album “Essence” is coming soon!